Glass in the interior



Interior glass only looks fragile: modern technologies make it durable and safe.

Thanks to modern high-tech equipment and many years of production experience accumulated by our experts, we implement projects with varying degrees of complexity cooperating with designers, architectural and construction organizations, manufacturers and processers of architectural glass, and manufacturers of translucent facade structures.

Orion Glass Group provides a wide range of translucent structures made of glass, and offers various technologies for processing of safe glass. The variety of processing technologies in combination with the achieved transparency and play of light enables a variety of glass products for use in the interior and exterior design.

Safety glass applications in the interior:


Glass for commercial and industrial use



Technologies for glass tempering and bending combined with silk screen printing on glass enable creation of bent and flat products from tempered glass for batch manufacturing of commercial equipment. In addition to popular shop display cases and counters, glass is also applied to make a wide range of components (elements) that are used as additional accessories in the assembly of shelving for household appliances.

Our available experience and practical activity in making of these products have become the basis of a long-term partnership with leading Ukrainian manufacturers of retail equipment and household appliances (chiller cabinets, refrigerators, gas stoves).

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