Architectural Glass



Innovative materials can transform glass into a high-tech product with increased strength and protective functions while retaining transparency and optical properties.

Modern high-tech solutions in architectural glazing made it possible to combine the aesthetic qualities of glass with advanced performance features. Modern glass is very safe and durable. This is achieved using special processing methods, such as glass triplexing and tempering.

Safety glass is used in architecture for glazing of translucent building structures (window and door units, shop windows and showcases, enclosure elements, structural glazing of facades, etc.).

The most intrinsic reason for using safety glass is exactly its property, namely, that the glass is harmless for man in case of its destruction.

Safety aspects

The mandatory fields of safety glass application are the following:                                                                                                                                             

  • glazing of children’s facilities (schools, kindergartens, nurseries)
  • glazing of entrances and lobbies of buildings where a large concentration of people is expected (stations, airports, etc.)
  • glazing in premises with an increased likelihood of glass breaking and risk of injury (gyms, pools)
  • glazing located at a height (rooflights, balcony parapets)

Safety, energy efficiency and innovative technologies are the key to creation of modern facades.

The field of facade glazing is the most promising and called for in the company’s activities.

Orion Glass Group pays special attention to cooperation with leading operators of the facade and window market, heads of companies engaged in capital construction, architects and assembly groups. New prospects for architects and builders are opened by the latest developments of the company in the field of safety glass materials and technology, especially given the trends in energy saving and energy efficiency in modern construction, especially considering that energy-saving technologies belong to strategic priorities for construction market development.

The company's experts have accumulated many years of unique experience in the development and implementation of complex and non-standard projects in the field of architectural glazing. Continuous improvement of production technologies allows us to be an active participant in the formation of the modern look of cities with respect to glazing, while solutions created with introduction of the latest achievements and technology translate into a fundamentally new look and functionality.