Glass Engraving

Diamond engraving is one of the most popular methods for the artistic processing of glass, widely applied in creation of interiors and exteriors.Diamond engraving is drawing of a pattern or ornament using lines of trihedral cross-section. The pattern is applied to glass by milling on an engraving machining center. The principle of engraving is as follows: the cutter removes a layer up to 3 mm deep from the surface of the glass, leaving beautiful lines of the pattern. The diamond cut can be of different profiles and of widths, due to which engraving makes it possible to obtain a fairly wide variety of relief patterns on glass. The cutter can be rounded (U-shaped) or triangular (V-shaped). The materials used include colorless, fined and tinted glass, and the advantage of diamond engraving technology is the possibility to apply it on tempered and laminated glass.

Technical production capabilities:    

  • Minimum material thickness: 4 mm
  • Maximum material thickness: 19mm                
  • Minimum radius of lines: 25 mm
  • Minimum line length: 30 mm
  • Maximum pattern size: 1,570 х 2,800 mm
  • Minimum glass size: 120 х 120 mm
  • Engraving deviation tolerance: ±1 mm





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