Digital photo printing on glass


Combining Art and Functionality

The technology of digital photo printing on glass has been used worldwide for many years, and hundreds of beautiful unique construction projects and thousands of interior items have been created with its help.

Digital printing on glass with ceramic pigments is a revolutionary material jetting technology. This technology enables the full scale of colors according to the CMYK color model using the baking method (tempered printing). The main element of ceramic pigments is finely ground glass powder called frit. This finely dispersed ceramic is sintered with glass when heated to its softening temperature in tempering furnaces. There, it becomes an integral part of the glass, providing thereby exceptional strength properties of the image obtained with ceramic pigments.

Technical Production Capabilities:

  • All types of glass can be used with a resolution of 360 dpi optimal for comfortable viewing
  • The original image format can vary, with glass size ranging from min 400 x 400 mm to max 3,700 x 2,400 mm
  • Glass thickness can reach with such printing 19 mm
  • There is also a possibility of changing the density of pigment laydown and its application as a part of the triplex.

The following types of images can be transferred to glass using such printing method: graphic images, photo images, drawings and their analogues. Accepted image formats: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, EPS, file size: from 2 MB, without restrictions for vector files. The company collaborates on subscription basis with the largest global photo banks Shutterstock and Deposit Photos.

Advantages and strengths of the new technology:

  • Our glass has increased strength, resistance to scratches, any chemicals, ultraviolet rays and environmental conditions
  • The tempering process imparts to decorative glass all the advantages of safety glass
  • A wide color palette based on six primary colors. Environmentally friendly pigments free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium
  • Compliance with industry standards for quality and durability

Applications of decorative glass:

  • ideal solution for building facades and car glass (logo application)
  • used in the manufacture of parts for household appliances and furniture
  • glass structures (partitions, doors, counter tops, glass curtains, stairs, shower enclosures, etc.)


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