Glass Processing



A wide range of different glass processing types is performed at the factory, such as grinding, polishing, edge blunting, hole drilling, and creation of various shapes from glass.

Shaping and cutting of sheet and laminated glass

Shaping and cutting of sheet and laminated glass (triplex) represents the basis of any enterprise for its processing. The capabilities of the equipment used at this stage of production determine the quality of the final product and the timing of its manufacture.

The most advanced equipment used by the company allows us to successfully accomplish these tasks. Shaping of sheet and laminated glass is performed on 6 glass cutting lines with the possibility of obtaining complex geometric shapes and automatic breakout along the X-Y-Z axes, with the function of uncovering “soft” low-emission spray coating along the glass perimeter, as well as an option for cutting triplex. Our equipment is made by world manufacturers of production lines for the glass industry, such as Intermac (Italy) and P.LISEC (Austria):

  • Combined monolithic and triplex glass cutting table P.Lisec GFB 60/30 VB 45 RE
  • Intermac Genius CNC-controlled shaping tables


Glass edging

Glass edging is an important stage of production, determining the quality of the finished product and affecting the implementation of subsequent processing operations.

The company applies latest generation equipment, which ensures achievement of the superior product quality. Glass edging is performed on lines manufactured by Intermac (Italy) and Z. BAVELLONI (Italy).


Hole drilling

Drilling of holes in glass is an important and complex processing operation. The exact coordinates of holes, their size and processing quality affect installation of fixturing hardware and the product life. To comply with these requirements, the company uses Z. Bavelloni (Italy) glass drilling machines.



High-precision integrated processing.

In the manufacture of products having complex shapes, integrated processing is performed that includes:

  • grinding and polishing of external and internal edges of products
  • facet grinding and polishing
  • glass engraving
  • hole milling and drilling
  • diamond candle lettering

To perform these operations, multipurpose CNC-controlled machining centers Master 23, 35, 43 manufactured by Intermac (Italy), as well as the drilling and milling machine Francesca 16M 1600 FORVET (Italy) are used.

The drilling and milling machine Francesca 16M 1600 FORVET (Italy), a CNC-controlled machining center, is unique and is designed for drilling, countersinking and milling of flat glass sheets (3-25 mm), including non-rectangular shapes. The system cuts straight grooves in the glass blank along the X or Y axes, and any line shape can be obtained by interpolating the axes. The thought-out design of the machine, which is always a distinguishing feature of Forvet products, provides for an open front end. While other similar simple drilling devices do not allow processing of glass that exceeds a predetermined width, the FC 1600 allows processing of a workpiece with width exceeding the size of the machine.

The equipment makes it possible to increase the productivity for manufacturing such articles as door groups, including internal glass partitions.

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