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Glassware factory - Orion glass

Orion Glass is a group of high-tech enterprises with a number of modern factories. Leading positions in the Ukrainian market are ensured not only by product quality, but also by a high level of interaction with customers. There are representative offices in different parts of the country, including in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Cherkassy, Shpole.

Orion Glass - a synergy of traditions and progressive technologies

We are constantly improving production: equipment is being modernized, production lines are expanding. This made it possible to manufacture products for the construction, defense, engineering, transport and other industrial sectors. We cooperate with enterprises for the production of commercial equipment, urban transport, military equipment, with developers of all types of buildings and structures.

To solve any problems of our clients, we produce different types of double-glazed windows:

  1. Energy saving with increased thermal insulation properties.

  2. Soundproof.

  3. Architectural complex shapes for structural glazing.

  4. Armored or laminated (triplex).

  5. Non-standard and decorative binding.

  6. Curved double-glazed windows.

The factories have a unique set of equipment and production lines, which makes it possible to produce the entire line of safety glass products.

The modernized lines produce the following types of glass products:

  • laminated glass for commercial, cars and trucks, as well as railway and agricultural transport, the military sector;

  • side windows for cars and trucks, double-glazed windows for buses;

  • tempered glass products for automotive and architectural areas, industrial trade and refrigeration equipment;

  • door groups (canvases for baths and saunas, small inserts for interior structures, internal partitions and other design solutions).

The high level of quality of the glass plant's products is confirmed by the Quality Management System ISO 9001-2001 (9001: 2000). We invite partners from Kiev and other regions of Ukraine to cooperate.