Enameled Glass

Enameled glass (stemalite) is tempered high-strength glass with a ceramic coating of paint (enamel) applied to one of the surfaces, subjected to heat treatment, which imparts strength to glass and fixes enamel on its surface. The colors and hues of glass so painted can be very diverse, and the enamel fused into glass surface becomes one with the glass after the tempering procedure. In the process of manufacturing, thickness of the enamel coating can vary, which enables both production of colored tinted glass and obtaining the effect of etched glass. Stemalite is used for exterior and interior finish and cladding of buildings and belongs to safety glass types.


  • inter-floor areas                           
  • wall cladding
  • partitions
  • furniture
  • floors
  • stairs

Tinted enameled stemalite glass can be used both as an independent product for single glazing, and as part of glass units or multilayer glass.

The main properties of enameled glass are heat and light resistance and durability.

Technical production capabilities:

  • glass thickness: 4 - 19 mm
  • glass length: 400 - 4,400 mm
  • glass width: 300 - 2,500 mm
  • continuous layer enamel coating - EMALITE
  • sparse layer enamel coating - SATIN

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