Tempered glass

Orion Glass is the largest company in the Ukrainian market that represents a group of high-tech enterprises engaged in industrial glass processing, manufacturing of glass products and glass units for use in construction, transport machine building, production of furniture, retail and industrial equipment, interior design and other spheres of application.

The range of offered products includes items made from flat tempered glass (stalinite), curved (bent) tempered glass, enameled glass (stemalite), as well as from tempered glass combined with various decoration techniques.


Tempered glass means glass which after chemical or thermal treatment acquired increased resistance against impacts and temperature gradients, as compared with ordinary glass.

Such glass has the highest light transmittance, the lowest heat transfer resistance, and the lowest soundproofing ability among glazing options that are safe to use.

The most intrinsic reason for using tempered glass is exactly its property, namely, that the glass is harmless for man in case of its destruction.

Tempered glass has the following advantages compared to ordinary glass:

  • impact strength increases 5-10 times depending on thickness
  • flexing strength increases 2-3 times
  • resistance against temperature gradients increases 3-4 times (from 40°С to 180°C)

Thermally strengthened glass

The manufacturing process for partially tempered or thermally strengthened glass is similar to production of thermally tempered glass, with the exception of the cooling stage which occurs less sharply. As a result, partially tempered glass gains intermediate properties between ordinary untreated glass and thermally tempered glass. By its strength characteristics, this glass approaches tempered ESG glass. Given the structure of destruction under mechanical stress, thermally strengthened glass remains in the frame of its supporting structure, and does not fall out like tempered glass that leaves the aperture completely open.

Technical production capabilities:

  • Maximum glass size: 4,400 х 2,440 mm
  • Minimum glass size: 200 х 300 mm
  • Glass thickness: 4-19 mm

Maximum size of tempered bent glass:

  • 3,600/2,350 mm at R = 1,200 mm
  • 2000/700 mm at R = 350 mm
  • Thermal strengthening potential
  • Possibility of thermal testing of tempered glass (HEAT-SOAK-TESTOVEN)


Due to its unique properties and a fairly high level of safety (in comparison with ordinary glass), tempered glass is being increasingly used in a wide variety of areas.

  • facade glazing
  • roof glazing
  • atriums
  • showcases
  • parting walls
  • rooflights
  • shower cubicles
  • glass furniture
  • glazing of elevators and escalators
  • stair enclosures
  • transport glazing


Certificate of ISO 9001:2009 quality management system conformity.

Safety tempered glass for ground vehicles is produced in compliance with the standard DSTU UN/ECE R 43-00:2002.

Construction tempered glass in compliance with the standard DSTU B V.2.7-110-2001 (GOST 30698-2000).

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