Roll method

Manufacturing technology:

Roll method (pigment application by passing of glass between dispensing and pressing rollers). For staining, glass-ceramic VITROMAIL pigments are used made by the Italian company Pemco International, which is a leading international manufacturer of lead-free water-based fired enamels.

The model Gemata, Rollmac, Moltiglass (Italy) represents the most innovative machine for glass painting with a roller, it has three rollers for three types of painting: enameling, painting and design printing.

The machine is designed for painting all types of flat glass offered on the market with a thickness from 2 to 25 mm and a working height from 600 to 2,600 mm.

Main characteristics: elimination of paint accumulation on the edges at glass entry and exit and uniformity of painting of sheet glass. The Multiglass model has a special rubber coating resistant to oils and solvents, which ensures safe movement of sheet glass.

This method of stained glass manufacturing has several advantages:

  • ensures high productivity
  • allows achievement of pigment application uniformity
  • provides a possibility to change the density of pigment application to the glass surface by adjusting roller speed and type

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