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    The group of companies named Orion Glass unites the manufacturing enterprises that are specialized in the industrial glass processing.

    Our enterprises are manufacturers of safety glass and glass products for construction and automotive industries. They are located in Shpola, Cherkasy region, and Cherkasy. Representative offices of companies are opened in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine).

    The plant of Orion Glass is located in the city of Shpola. It has a developed infrastructure: administrative buildings and production buildings, loading and unloading equipment, warehouses for raw materials and finished glass products. The facilities are equipped with the most modern equipment from the world's leading manufacturers, which allow for a wide range of industrial glass processing services.

    Our plant is equipped with

    ◦ High-performance automated glass tempering lines. A feature of these lines is the ability to produce both flat curved glass.

    ◦ A complex of equipment for the manufacture of laminated glass (triplex) using toughened, multifunctional and other modern glasses.

    ◦ Automatic assembly lines from the Austrian firm LiSEC. Automated glass production lines make it possible to produce bent glazed windows, architectural glass windows of complex shapes, glass windows for structural glazing.

    ◦ A complex of high-precision processing multifunctional equipment with CNC (computerized numerical control), which allows to produce a wide range of different types of glass processing: cutting, grinding, engraving, polishing, edge dulling, drilling holes.

    ◦ High-class equipment for the production of decorative glass, namely, enameled glass (Stemalit), glass with multi-color digital printing. The company uses an industrial digital printer using the latest technology of the digital printing with ceramic color ink on glass, as well as an innovative roller glass ceramic painting machine for all types of flat glass in the given market.

    To provide various types of raw materials and for the delivery of all types of finished products, the plant has its own fleet of vehicles, including both high-carrying machines, cars for transportation of large-sized glass (JUMBO-sizes), and special transport for delivering small loads.

    Consistently high product quality is ensured by a multi-level control system at all stages of production. There is a laboratory located on the territory of the plant, which is accredited by the State Committee of Ukraine on Standardization, Metrology and Certification, and it has all the necessary technical equipment for testing and certifying the quality of the products.


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    Orion Glass is a dynamically developing complex of the plants for manufacturing and assembling glass units. The production is equipped with high-tech equipment that allows us to produce products that meet European quality standards.

    The main activity of the company is the production process and sale of glass packs for manufacturers of modern windows and facades and organizations involved in construction.

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    In 2012, it was an opening of a new production location (Cherkasy).

    A unique complex of equipment of the new plant allows us to solve a list of tasks for industrial glass processing, as well as to produce technologically sophisticated products made of safety glass.

    The production is equipped with:

    ◦ The Tamglass Pro E furnace for tempering glass, which allows to temper a wide variety of modern types of glass, including glass with an energy-saving coating.

    ◦ Automated line for working with Jumbo-glass, which is designed for moving and cutting large-sized glass, as well as for cutting and breaking laminated glass - triplex.

    ◦ Complex processing equipment for grinding, polishing and drilling glass.



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