Decorative glass

Decorative glass creates a special aesthetic in interiors and exteriors. It is used for the production of designer furniture, doors, etc. We offer the production of art-processed glass, which you can buy directly from the manufacturer at the best prices. Orion-Glass is always an excellent product quality and strict compliance with international standards.

Types of decorative glass

An important stage of production is the execution of finishing, which requires precision and accuracy. For this, modern equipment is used, such as flatbed printing devices, ultraviolet lamps, sandblasting cameras and more.

Decorative glass can be obtained in the following ways:

  • etching - applying a pattern by breaking transparency on certain areas of the glass. Part of the surface becomes dull, and this effect can be of varying degrees;
  • bending - sheet glass is heated during production and given a curved shape with the desired radius;
  • painting on the surface - paints are used for this, the durability of the pattern depends on their type;
  • sandblasting is a method that gives the glass a matte finish. Stencils can be used if not the entire surface needs to be matted;
  • use of film technologies. The most economical way to decorate glass.

A striking example is stained glass, which can be found in the design of doors, windows, furniture facades. To create it, a composition is used that melts the image on a stencil. Decorative processing can include the use of several technologies at the same time.

Where is glass used

The products are popular in the design of public buildings, facades, and residential premises. Decorative glass is suitable for furniture, as shower partitions, stair railings, wall panels. Shades for lamps, kitchen facades, and various decor items are made of translucent material. Decorative inserts made of processed glass in interior doors look stylish and elegant.

Orion-Glass offers high quality products that are used in design, furniture production, architecture. You can order decorative and other types of glass in bulk with delivery in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

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