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The group of companies Orion-Glass offers glass units for manufacturers of modern windows and facades, provides a wide range of glass units of the highest quality, various configuration and sizes, using advanced technologies and equipment of world manufactures. The company specialists carry out manufacturing of glass units on modern automated production lines of Austrian concern "P. Lisec" – one of the world leaders in designing and manufacturing of process equipment for making glass units.


On the territory of the plant there is a laboratory accredited at State Committee of Ukraine for Standardization, Metrology and Certification, that has the necessary technical equipment for testing, which certifies quality of manufactured products.

Manufacture of glass units is certified by Ukraine National Standards, Technical Conditions State Standard Б.В.2.7-107:2008

“Double glass units, glued for building purpose of SPO type and triple-pane glass of SPD type, energy saving with argon”.

Technical capabilities of manufacturing:

  • Maximum sizes of manufacturing of glass units 2500х3500mm
  • Maximum sizes of a glass unit with tempered glass 2400х3500mm
  • Maximum sizes of a glass unit with triplex 2000х3500mm

Types of glass units manufactured by Orion-Glass company:

  • Double glass (two panes), glass unit width from 14-36 mm, depending on thickness of glass and distance-type frame
  • Triple-pane glass (three panes) glass unit width from 24-60 mm, depending on thickness of glass and distance-type frame
  • Manufacturing of glass units for structural façade glazing
  • Manufacturing of glass units of complex geometry, including bent (curved) glass units
  • Exclusive glass units: armored glass units/glass units with applying smart-glass/glass units with applying electrically heated glass

The following types of glass in different combinations can be used for manufacturing of glass units:

  • Colorless float-glass
  • Energy saving
  • Sun protective
  • Tinted in mass
  • Multifunctional

Safety glass:

  • Laminated (triplex)
  • Tempered flat and bent (curved)
  • Enameled glass (stemalite)
  • Tempered decorative (digital printing)

In manufacture of glass units the company Orion-Glass uses high quality float-glass of leading world manufacturers: " AGC", "Pilkington", "Guardian", "Saint-Gobain", "Evroglass" , "Sisecam", "Salavatsteklo"

Sealant: Sika , Polikad-M, Fenzi, Tremco

Glass unitsa
Energy saving double-glazed windows

Energy saving technologies are one of the strategic priorities of development of construction market. A move to a new level of energy efficiency is impossible without the implementation of new materials and technologies, including contemporary energy-efficient glass units and special types of glass.

Soundproof double-glazed windows

Contemporary glass units provide good noise insulation of a building at a moderate level of outside noise. However, sometimes an increased protection from outside noise is needed, especially if windows face busy streets with heavy traffic. So, noise insulation glass units are used to reduce the level of noise.

Structural glass units

Structural glazing for the time being is one of the most perspective and complicated areas of arrangements of building façades and constructions. And at the same time it provides excellent possibilities for implementation of creative fantasies of architects and designers, meets the highest requirements for energy saving, noise insulation, safety and gives a feeling of lightness and airiness of facades.

Armored double-glazed windows (triplex)

Windows are vulnerable points of any buildings, so it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that building safety depends a lot on strength and reliability of glass units. Armored glass units ensure an effective protection from any danger, starting from unauthorized entry (burglary) to an action of firearms

Double-glazed windows with decorative cover

Decorative interlacing in a glass unit opens infinite possibilities for architects, projectors, designers, gives an opportunity to create exclusiveness and distinctness of façade.

Non-standard double-glazed windows

Irregular windows, having an unusual shape, not only retain all of the benefits of a glass unit, but vividly reflect the architectural point of an object. They stress distinctness and ability to find new in ordinary things.

Glass unitsa | Orionglass
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Glass unitsa | Orionglass
Our advantages
    • Assortment

      The range of products completely meets the interests of consumers. We have more than 3,000 items. Flat glass, curved glass Stalinit, enamelled glass Stemalit, tempered glass with various decoration techniques. Also we offer flat and curved safety laminated glass Triplex. Thanks to the technology of multiplexing, the plant produces the protective laminated glass: impact resistant, armored glass.

    • Quality

      Product quality is provided by a multi-level control system at all stages of production: from the initial control of raw materials to the quality control of all finished products. Stability of the systematic approach to quality management is confirmed by the international certificate ISO 9001:2008. We also have a laboratory accredited by the State Committee of Ukraine on Standardization, Metrology and Certification. It has all the necessary technical equipment for testing and certifying the products quality, and it is located right on the territory of the plant.

    • Logistics

      The plant has its own fleet of vehicles in order to provide various types of raw materials and for delivery of all finished products. Out transportation system includes both high-load machines (including cars for transportation of large-sized glass, or JUMBO-sizes), and special transport for small loads. All vehicles are equipped with special devices for the safe transportation of glass and glass products.

    • Innovation

      Orion Glass strives to have a leading position in the field of innovative technologies. It constantly introduces innovative products in the field of architectural glass. Also, thanks to the use of advanced technologies and materials in production, a team of highly qualified engineers and specialists, and support of our own research laboratory, we have developed a new line of special types of glass - electrically heated and smart glass.