Glass units



The manufacture of glass units in the company is carried out on automated lines by an Austrien company "P. LISEC "

Technical capabilities of manufacturing:

Maximum sizes of glass units 2500х3500 mm

Minimum sizes of glass units 250 x 180 mm

Thickness of glass units 16 - 120 mm

Maximum sizes of glass units with tempered glass-

2400х3500 mm

Maximum sizes of glass units with laminated glass - 2000х3500 mm

Automatic filling with argon (gas-filling press), mix

Types of glass units:

  • Double glass units and triple-pane glass
  • glass units for structural façade glazing
  • glass units of complex geometry, including bent (curved) ones
  • glass units manufactured from multilayer, including armored glass
  • exclusive glass units: armored (bulletproof) / with applying smart-glass / with applying electrically heated glass