Glass processing
 A wide range of various types of glass processing is made at the factory – grinding, polishing, dulling of edge, drilling of holes, creating different shapes from glass.


Shaping and cutting of sheet, laminated glass.

Shaping and cutting of sheet and laminated glass (triplex) is the base of any enterprise for its processing. The capabilities of equipment used at this stage of production determine the quality of a finished product and a date of its manufacture.

The most modern equipment used by the company allows to perform these tasks. Shaping of sheet and laminated glass is done on six automated lines of glass cutting with the capability to cut out complex geometric figures and automatic breakout to X-Y-Z axes with the function of removing "soft" low-emissive spraying around the perimeter of glass, as well as the option for cutting triplex. The equipment is represented from world manufacturers of production lines for the glass industry by «Intermac» (Italy), P.LISEC (Austria) companies:

A combination table for cutting monolithic glass and triplex of GFB 60/30 VB 45 RE P.Lisec model

Tables for shaping with CNC Genius (computerized numerical control) by Intermac company


Processing of glass edge.

Processing of glass edge is an important stage of manufacture, which determines the quality of a finished product and influences on performing of the following technological operations.

The use of the equipment of the latest generation by the company allows to reach the highest quality of the products. Processing of glass edge is made on the lines by Intermac ( Italy ), Z. BAVELLONI» (Italy) companies.


Drilling of holes.

Drilling of holes in glass is an important and complex technological operation. The precise coordinates of holes, their sizes and processing quality influence the work of mounting fixing fitting and service life of a product. To meet these demands, machines for glass drilling by Z. Bavelloni (Italy) firm are used at the enterprise.


High-precision complex machining.

Complex processing is used to manufacture products of complicated shape, which includds:

  • grinding and polishing of external and internal edges of products
  • grinding and polishing of bevel
  • engraving on glass
  • milling and drilling of holes
  • inscription with a diamond candle

multipurpose processing centers with a computerized numerical control Master 23 , 35, 43 by "Intermac" company (Italy) are used to perform these operations.