Armored glass units (triplex)

Armored glass units differ in functional purpose and can be burglary resistant and bulletproof. Each of these classes is subdivided into some more types of armored glass in accordance with a purpose and degree of protection.

The first case mentions glass units, which are burglary resistant and designed to prevent from intruding into a building through a window (glass units can withstand to 70 and more of axe and hammer blows, depending on a class of protection).

Shock-resistant glass units are manufactured from multilayer or tempered glass, or special film is applied on a glass surface, which does not allow glass fragments to scatter throughout a room. Shock-resistant glass is designed to protect external windows, external and internal glazed doors and partitions on the premises of banks, cash desks, shops, museums, exhibitions, chemists etc.

The formula for shock-resistant glass units is: (ESG4-16-4).(ESG4-16-ESG4).(ESG4-16-3.3.1.)(ESG4-10-4-8-3.3.1.).***

Armored (bulletproof) glass is multilayer glass, which layers are glued between themselves with polymeric films. The thickness of this glass can reach to 80 mm and more, at the same time glass remains completely transparent.

Armored unit glasses reliably protect a building:

  • from unauthorized entry
  • firearms
  • ammunition shrapnel of explosive effect

A protection class of armored glass unit is determined depending on a weapon:

  • BNSG*-1, ballistic protection class BP*-1 (protection from “Makarov” type gun)

*Bulletproof non-splintering glass

*Bulletproof glass

  • BNSG-2, ballistic protection class BP-2 (protection from “Tokarev” type gun)
  • BNSG-3, ballistic protection class BP-3 (protection from “Kalashnikov” type gun)
  • BNSG-4-2, BNSG-4-3, ballistic protection class BP-4 (protection from “Kalashnikov” type machine gun, SVD type rifle )

It is certified according to requirements of State Standards of Ukraine 4546:2006 and 4547:2006, which comply with European standards EN 1063:1999, MOD and EN 1522:1998, MOD at ООО ”Certification bank equipment, security facilities, protection, and quality systems center”.

Armored glass is certified by Certification bank equipment center and complies with State Standards of Ukraine 4546:2006 Industry Standards of Ukraine 78.11.002-1999.

Protective glass (shock-resistant, bulletproof, armored glass) is certified by State Certification Center of Security Means at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.