Orion Glass is the largest company in the market of Ukraine, representing a group of high-technology enterprises in the industrial processing of glass, manufacturing of glassware and glass units for use in construction, transport engineering, production of furniture, commercial and industrial equipment, interior designs and other spheres.

The assortment of manufactured products fully meets the needs of consumers and includes more than 3,000 items, including the articles from flat tempered glassstalinite, curved tempered glass, enameled glass (stemalite), and tempered glass with various decoration techniques.

Tempered glass is glass which hardness to shocks and temperature drops compared to common glass increases due to chemical or thermal processing.Tempered glasscan’t undergo further mechanical processing – it destroys. Therefore, before tempering the sheets of glass have to undergo prearrangement. Tempered glass has the highest luminous transmissivity, the lowest resistance to heat transfer, the lowest sound-insulation value among the variants of glazing, which is safe to exploit.

Compared to common glass tampered glass has the following features:

hardnessof glass to shocks increases in 5-10 times depending on the thickness

hardness of glass to curve increases in 2-3 times

glass is more resistant to temperature drops in 3-4 times (from 40°С to 180°C)


The process of manufacturing partly tempered or heat-strengthened glass is similar to the manufacturing of thermally tempered glass except for the stage of cooling, which goes less sharply. As a result partly tempered glass acquires properties which are average between common unprocessed glass and thermally tempered one. To its strength properties this glass is close to tempered glass ESG. Considering the structure of destruction at mechanical stress heat-strengthened glassremains within a base frame and doesn’tspill out like tempered glass, leaving the aperture fully open.

The technical capability of manufacturing:

  • Maximum size of glass: mm 4400х2440
  • Minimum size of glass: mm200х300
  • Thicknessof glass:mm4-19
  • Maximum sizes of tempered curved glass
  • At R 1200 mm - 3600/2350 mm
  • R 350 mm - 2000/700 mm

Possibility of heat hardening

Possibility of thermal testing of tempered glass (HEAT-SOAK-TESTOVEN)

Possibilities of manufacturing allow to perform the following works:

  • tempering of colourless glass
  • energy-savingglass
  • reflex glass
  • tintedglass in mass
  • manufacturing of triplex with tempered glass

Manufacturing of tempered glass with various decoration techniques:

  • painting (cellulose dope)
  • digital photo printing
  • silk-screen printing
  • engraving

The use:

Due to its unique properties and sufficiently high level of safety (compared to common glass), tempered glass is increasingly finds its application in various spheres.

  • facade glazing
  • roof glazing
  • atriums
  • shop-windows
  • division wall
  • clear-story
  • shower cabin
  • glass furniture
  • lift, escalator glazing
  • staircasehandraiing
  • transport glazing

Safety aspects

The most objective reason for the use of tempered glass is its security properties. That is, the glass is safe to man at the time of its destruction.

Certificates: Conformity Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2009.