Special types of glasses

  Electrically heated glass is the company’s exclusive product and triplex of tempered glasses, on one of which an electrically conductive low-emission coating on the base of metal oxides is applied. Electrically heated glass can be used both in glass units and triplex which also performs a function of protective glazing. The technology of manufacturing of glass units with electrical heating differs a little from manufacturing of glass units with common glass. The main difference between them is the presence of power cables and temperature sensor cables. A temperature sensor allows to monitor a temperature of heated glass and eliminate a possibility of overheating of a product. A conductive coating of the heated glass is always inside.

This technology has a wide field of application:

  • Glazing of vehicles: diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, vessels and boats, cars
  • Construction – architecture - façade glazing, clear stories, winter gardens, swimming pools
  • Domestic industry – transparent radiators, towel dryers

The advantages of using electrically heated glass:


 Electrically heated glass equalizes temperature drops between a glass surface and air in a building. These glass units can be used as the main warmth source to heat a building or create extra comfort with the main heating system.


 When heating glass to a temperature of “comfortable heat” 40°С power consumption for 1 sq.m is 150 - 300 Wh. Electrically heated glass can also be used as the main source of heat, eliminating the need to install expensive heating systems and to allow to use more efficiently inner space of buildings.

Absence of heat losses

 Thermal radiation from a glass surface remains inside a building, there is no thermal transmission outside.


In glass units with heated triplex only tempered glasses are used. In a triplex construction glass is installed with coating inside to avoid a contact with electrical current at destruction.

The technical capabilities:

  • heating of a glass surface to 70°С
  • equipment with temperature regulators
  • the use in construction glasses with special properties: sun-protective, tinted, multifunctional, dulled, self-cleaning, decorated by digital printing or enameled glass (stemalite)
  • Maximum size of glass 3000×2000mm

To control heating of a glass surface the installation of optional electric equipment is required - power control unit, electrical engineering parameters of which are rated severally depending on the complexity of the project.