Glass engraving

Diamond engraving is one of the most popular ways of decorative glass processing which has found a wide application for creating interiors and exteriors.

Diamond engraving is applying an image, ornament with lines of triangular cross-section. An image is applied on glass with milling on engraving center method. The principle is in the following: a milling cutter takes off a layer up to 3 mm deep from a glass surface, leaving beautiful lines of an image. A diamond edge can be of a different profile and different width, thus with engraving quite a large variety of relief designs on glass can be received. A milling cutter can be a U-shaped or a V-shaped cross-section. Colorless, bleached, tinted glass is used as a material, the advantage of the diamond engraving technology is its use on tampered and laminated glasses.

Technical capabilities of manufacturing:

Minimum thickness of material: 4mm

Maximum thickness of material: 19mm

Minimum radius of lines: 25mm

Maximum length of line: 30mm

Maximum size of image: 1570х2800mm

Minimum size of glass: 120х120mm

Tolerance deviation of engraving is ±1mm