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The assortment of manufactured products fully meets the needs of consumers and includes more than 3,000 items, including the articles from flat tempered glassstalinite, curved tempered glass, enameled glass (stemalite), and tempered glass with various decoration techniques.

Glass, having various properties, is a unique and popular material in the modern world. Due to peculiarities and varieties of these properties this universal material has become ingrained in our everyday lives. There is a number of factors to be taken into account while choosing glass: heat insulation, sun protection, degree of light transmission, glass color, noise protection and safety.

Temperedglass | Orionglass Temperedglass | Orionglass
Curved glass
Curved glass | Orionglass Curved glass | Orionglass
Triplex | Orionglass Triplex | Orionglass
Enameled glass
Enameled glass | Orionglass Enameled glass | Orionglass
Smart glass
Smart glass | Orionglass Smart glass | Orionglass
Special types of glasses
Special types of glasses | Orionglass Special types of glasses | Orionglass
Glass | Orionglass
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Glass | Orionglass
Our advantages
    • Assortment

      The range of products completely meets the interests of consumers. We have more than 3,000 items. Flat glass, curved glass Stalinit, enamelled glass Stemalit, tempered glass with various decoration techniques. Also we offer flat and curved safety laminated glass Triplex. Thanks to the technology of multiplexing, the plant produces the protective laminated glass: impact resistant, armored glass.

    • Quality

      Product quality is provided by a multi-level control system at all stages of production: from the initial control of raw materials to the quality control of all finished products. Stability of the systematic approach to quality management is confirmed by the international certificate ISO 9001:2008. We also have a laboratory accredited by the State Committee of Ukraine on Standardization, Metrology and Certification. It has all the necessary technical equipment for testing and certifying the products quality, and it is located right on the territory of the plant.

    • Logistics

      The plant has its own fleet of vehicles in order to provide various types of raw materials and for delivery of all finished products. Out transportation system includes both high-load machines (including cars for transportation of large-sized glass, or JUMBO-sizes), and special transport for small loads. All vehicles are equipped with special devices for the safe transportation of glass and glass products.

    • Innovation

      Orion Glass strives to have a leading position in the field of innovative technologies. It constantly introduces innovative products in the field of architectural glass. Also, thanks to the use of advanced technologies and materials in production, a team of highly qualified engineers and specialists, and support of our own research laboratory, we have developed a new line of special types of glass - electrically heated and smart glass.