Company Structure
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    The group of companies Orion – Glass integrates manufacturing enterprises, specializing in industrial processing of glass.

    The company’s enterprises are manufacturers of safety glass and glass products for the construction and automobile industries. Manufacturing sites are located in the town of Shpola in Cherkasy oblast, Cherkasy city. The representative offices are open in the cities of Kiev and Zaporozhye.

    The factory Orion-Glass is situated in the town of Shpola in Cherkasy oblast, it has a developed infrastructure: administrative buildings, manufacturing workshops, handling equipment, warehouses for raw materials and finished products. Production complexes are equipped with the most contemporary equipment from world leading manufacturers, which allows to perform a wide range of services in industrial processing of glass.

    The manufacturing enterprise is quipped with:

    High–performance automated lines for tempering glass. The specific feature of these lines is the possibility to temper both flat and bent (curved) glass.

    A complex of equipment to manufacture multilayer laminated glass(triplex), using tempered, multifunctional and other contemporary glasses.

    Automatic assembly lines of glass units of an Austrian company "P. Lisec". Automated production lines of glass units make it possible to manufacture bent glass units, architectural glass units of irregular shapes, glass units for structural glazing.

    A complex of close control processing multifunctional equipment with CNC (computerized numerical control) which allows to perform a wide range of various types of glass processing: cutting, grinding, engraving, polishing, edge blunting, drilling holes.

    High-quality equipment for manufacturing decorative glass, in particular: enameled glass (stemalite), glass with multicolored digital printing. An industrial digital printer with the latest technology of digital printing by ceramic colored ink on glass, as well as an innovative roller coating machine for painting by ceramic paint for all types of sheet glass, which is available in the market, are used at the factory.

    To provide various kinds of raw materials and for delivery of finished products the factory has its own vehicle fleet, with vehicles both with a high carrying capacity including ones for carrying large-sized glass (JUMBO-sizes) and special vehicles, for carrying small freight.

    A consistently high quality of production is ensured by multilevel control system at all stages of manufacture. On the territory of the plant there is a laboratory accredited at State Committee of Ukraine for Standardization, Metrology and Certification, which has the necessary technical equipment for testing, which certifies a quality of manufactured products.

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    The factory of glass units Orion-Glass is a dynamically developing complex for manufacturing and assembling glass units. It is located in the city of Cherkasy. The manufacturing enterprise is quipped with high technological equipment, which allows to manufacture products which comply with European quality standards.

    The main direction of the company activity is to produce and sell glass units for manufacturers of contemporary windows and façades, organizations which deal with capital construction.

    The manufacturing enterprise is quipped with: automated lines which make it possible to manufacture glass units of any level of complexity, including glass units for structural glazing, using different glasses. The application of close control specialized equipment, including removal of soft low-emission spraying around the perimeter of glass, ensures the maximum quality of glass units with energy-saving glass.

    All manufactured products undergo a full range of tests in the company’s own laboratory. A high quality of production is proved by relevant certificates and test records.

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    In 2012 a new manufacturing site – a glass processing factory of the group of companies Orion-Glass was opened. The manufacturing enterprise is in the city of Cherkasy.

    A unique complex of equipment, which the factory is equipped with, allows to solve a complete list of tasks on industrial processing of glass, and also to manufacture technologically sophisticated products from safety glass.

    The manufacturing enterprise is quipped with:

    A glass tempering furnace Tamglass Pro E which allows to temper various types of contemporary glass, including glass with energy-saving coating.

    An automated line for work with Jumbo-glass, which is designed to move and cut large-sized glass as well as for cutting and fracturing multilayer glass – triplex.

    A complex of processing equipment for grinding, polishing and drilling glass.