Architectural Glass


Glass is constantly evolving, and comes in a new quality role, dictating the standards of the future.

Thanks to modern high technological solutions in architectural glazing it has become possible to combine the aesthetic qualities of glass and high performance characteristics. Contemporary glass is very safe and strong. It is achieved with special processing technologies, such as triplexing and glass tempering.

Innovative materials are able to turn glass into a hightechnological product which has increased resistance and safety functions while maintaining transparencyand optical properties.

Safety glass is used in architecture for glazing of translucent building constructions (window and door units, shop windows, parts of staircase handrailings, structural facade glazing etc.)

The most objective reason for the use of safety glass is its properties. In particular, the glass is safe to a man at the time of its destruction.

It is impossible to overestimate the role of safety glass in residential, industrial andcivil construction.

It has become a privileged construction material not only because of its aesthetic attraction but also because it performs a lot of utilitarian functions:

  • regulates the flow of solar energy and light
  • controls consumption of thermal energy used for building heating
  • protects from noise
  • ensures the safety of people and property
  • provides new creative possibilities and alternatives for innovative solutions to designers

In the contemporary design the reputation of safe glass as high technological, functional, elegant and multipurpose material is continuing to strengthen. In the third millennium,the world trends in glazing are dictating the maximum openness of buildings to natural lighting.Contemporary translucent structures are associated with openness and success, so the glass has turned nearly into special philosophy.

Safety and external appearance requirements of glazing

The problem with large-sized glazing is that at its destruction - due to improper design, deliberate or accidental, - broken glass pieces can injure bystanders or damage goods.

Considering the fact thatlarge-sized glazing is mainly used at prestigious objects customers often place high requirements to its external appearance. These requirements may be both common and specific for the entire glazing, such as: resistance of translucent constructions to different forces, thermal shocks, explosions, extreme weather eventsand also glass construction could have excellent noise and heat insulation, burglary resistant and vandal-proof properties. Therefore, in the civilized countries large-sized glazing is allowed to be made only of safety - multilayer or tempered glass. Bullet-proof glass triplex is widely used in bank buildings, embassies, fashionable shops – everywhere, where stylish design and enhanced security have to be combined.

In Ukraine the requirement for use of safety glazing in construction, haven not been included into government regulations yet therefore it delays a wideapplication of it in practice of construction, reduces the effectiveness of use of special types of safety glass, a choice of optimal architectural and construction solutions. Imperative demands of our time is the regulation of application of safety glazing in buildings and installations of different purposes with mass stay of people. This will minimize the consequences of accidents, disasters, fires, terrorist attacks, especially in crowded areas and reduce budget and insurance costs.

Considering the implementation of government regulations the use of safety glass will allow to comply with international standards in energy efficiency, to develop constructions of safety glazing to meet the requirements in energy saving ( to minimize energy costs on object maintenance), and at the same time to improve architectural beauty, transparency and aesthetics of buildings.

Safety aspects

  • The compulsory sphere of application of safety glass is
  • Glazing of child care institutions (schools, kindergartens, nurseries)
  • glazing of entrances, building lobbies where there may be a large number of people (terminals, airport building etc.)
  • glazing in buildings where there is a high probability of glass destruction and a risk of injury (gyms, swimming pools)
  • glazing located at height (clear stories, balcony handrailings)

Safety, energy efficiency, innovative technologies are the key to creating modern facades.

The trend in façade glazing is the most promising and popular in the company work.

The group of companies Orion Glass pays special attention to the cooperation with operators of the facade and window markets, heads of organizations, dealing with capital construction, architectures as well as assembly groups. Prospects for architects, builders reveal the latest developments in the sphere of materials and technologies of safety glass especially taking into account the trends of energy saving and energy efficiency in modern construction.

Especially, considering that energy saving technologies are one of the strategic priorities of development of construction market.

The company specialists have acquired unique long experience in developing and implementingcomplex and non-standard projects in the sphere of architectural glazing of objects. The continuous improvement of manufacturing technologies allows the company to be an active participant in creating of the modern image of cities in the sphere of glazing, and solutions made with implementation of the latest achievements and technologies give a completely new look and functionality.