Orion Glass is the largest company in the market of Ukraine, representing a group of high-technology enterprises in the industrial processing of glass, manufacturing of glassware and glass units for use in construction, transport engineering, production of furniture, commercial and industrial equipment, interior designs and other spheres. The assortment of manufactured products includes products from flat and curved multilayer safety glass “triplex”. Thanks to the technology of triplexationthe manufacturing enterprise produces protective multilayer glass: shock-resistant, bulletproof, armored glass.

Laminated glass is protective multilayer glass related to a class of safety glasses, which has increased resistance. Manufacturing of triplex consists in ‘interlaying’ two or more glasses with special polymer, preventing their destruction at mechanical effect. At the same time all the properties of glass: transparency, transmittanceetc. remain unchanged, i.e. triplex looks like common glass but excelsit in strength a lot.

Manufacturing capabilities allow to perform the following works:

  • Triplex transparent flat and curved
  • Triplex coloured flat and curved
  • Triplex from a combination of tempered and raw glass
  • Armored glass of any thickness (certified)

The technical capability of manufacturing:

  • Maximum sizes of manufacturing glass “flat triplex”: 3500х2000 mm
  • Maximum sizes of manufacturing glass “curved triplex”: 3500х2000 mm

The use of triplex:

  • is used for glazing automobile, railway, air and other kinds of transport
  • in construction where it is used both for exterior and interior decoration of buildings
  • in the interior: shop windows, partitions, staircases, furniture, commercial equipment
  • bulletproof glass which is used for various bulletproof constructions (guard cabin, teller station windows and doors)

Due to resistance to breaking and complexity of the following removal of splinters, triplex glasses have anti-vandal properties. If necessary triplex glasses of different thickness can be manufactured including ones with increased level of protection.

Protective multilayer glass

Thanks to long experience of triplex technology the company specialists are introducing exclusive technologies of manufacturing safe, shock resistant and armored glass structures.

Protective multilayer glasses present themselves as a composition from two (and more glasses (including tempered glass), firmly glued between themselves by layers of polymeric film, obtained as a result of hardening a special composition. Such film provides the absence of splinters during destruction of glass. Depending on thickness of source glass and thickness of polymer layer it is possible to create products with different levels of protection. A thickness of glass (ranging from 10 to 100 mm and more) determines a degree of protection.


Multilayer glass depending on the purpose is divided into following types:

Shock-resistant glass – protection class SRPG*-1, SRPG -2, SRPG -3, SRPG -4;

*Shock-resistant protective glass

Shock-resistant glass is protective glass, withstanding a repeated impact of a freely falling body with specified parameters. The main purpose of protective glasses is preventing from intruding into a building.

The characteristics of shock-resistant glass meet the requirements of State Standards of Ukraine 4546:2008 “Glass in construction. Protective glazing. Testing and classification of resistance against hand-burglary”

Bulletproof glass is protective glass which can withstand an impact of firearms and prevent open penetration of a strike element.

The characteristics of bulletproof glass meet the requirements of State Standards of Ukraine4546:2006 “Protective glazing. Testing and classification of bullet resistance” ensure protection from firearms, protection class BP-1, BP-2, BP 3, BP-4.

Bulletproof glass can be of two types: splinter andnon-splintering.

Types of certified multilayer bulletproof non-splintering glass:

BNSG*-1, ballistic protection class BP*-1 (State Standards of Ukraine4546:2008), resistant to 9 mm bullet of “Makarov” type gun. The glass thickness is 13,5 mm +/- 0,2 mm ---

*Bulletproof non-splintering glass


BNSG -2, ballistic protection class BP -2 (State Standards of Ukraine 4546:2008), resistant to 7,62 mm bullet of “Tokarev” type gun. Theglassthicknessis 17,8 mm +/- 0,5 mm

BNSG -3, ballistic protection class BP -3 (State Standards of Ukraine 4546:2008), resistant to the “Kalashnikov” type gun bullet.The glass thickness is 42,5 mm +/- 0,5 mm

BNSG-4, ballistic protection class BP-4 (State Standards of Ukraine 4546:2008), resistant to the SVD type sniper rifle bullet. The glass thickness is 167,4 mm +/- 0,5 mm

Armored glass – protection class BPG*-1, BPG-2, BPG-3, BPG-4, splinter and non-splintering.

*Bulletproof protective glass

Armored glass has the following protection properties:

  • withstands a repeated impact
  • strike resistant
  • withstands an impact of firearms

The use of armored glass:

  • At sites which have material, historical and cultural values (museum depositories, art galleries)
  • in bank operation rooms, in governments’ buildings
  • salesrooms of jewelry and arms shops
  • glazing of private flats / cottages
  • cash-in-transit vehicles

It is certified according to requirements of State Standards of Ukraine 4546:2006 and 4547:2006, which comply with European standardsEN 1063:1999, MOD and EN 1522:1998, MOD at ООО”Certification bank equipment, security facilities, protection, and quality systems center”.

Armored glass is certified by Certification bank equipment center and comply withState Standards of Ukraine4546:2006 Industry Standards of Ukraine 78.11.002-1999.

Architectural multilayer glass of burglary protection class is certified by State Standards of Ukraine Б В 2.7-123.2004

Protective glass (shock-resistant, bulletproof, armored glass) is certified by State Certification Center of Security Means at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Safety multilayer glass for surface transport is certified by State Standards of UkraineUN/ECE R 43-00-2002